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Ka-Pooch! first opened its doors in January 2011 and has since become a Melbourne hub for its  canine community.

Our Philosophy

It’s simple. Honesty and integrity are critical in what we do.

Rest assured, if we don’t believe your dog is benefitting from daycare, we’ll tell you! Just like we’re not all party animals, dogs are the same. If they’d rather be sunbaking alone, sipping a cocktail and reading a book, that’s fine! We are committed to finding what is best for each individual, even if it’s not hanging around with  us. We’re only having fun if they’re having fun!

Meet the team

Sam and Ash

Sam and Ash first opened Ka-Pooch! on behalf of their (very) spoiled cavaliers Theo and Kramer. They wanted a truly happy place for all dogs to be able to be safely socialised, mentally energised and engaged, as well as physically exercised and, of course, spoiled rotten!

Their first experience of a beautifully atypical canine was with Kramer, a dumped breeding dog rescued from the outskirts of Melbourne. Despite limitless affection, attention and patience, Kramer was never going to be ‘like other dogs’ He would commando crawl along the ground, freaking out at the vastness of the sky above. Spinning around in circles, cowering  and barking, Kramer took time to adapt to his new world. During this time, they experienced conflicting messages of how to best cater to Kramer’s special needs.

It was one trainer who inspired their ethos, who politely suggested corrective training was far too advanced for his current needs. We will be forever grateful for her transparency and now look back on countless attempts to enrich Kramer’s existence as being neutral at best, to detrimental in some instances. This inspired us to dig deeper, to understand how our devoted canine companions communicate with us, and to ensure we are equipped to respond appropriately.

Our  pooches are furry family members, though we also recognise that their needs differ from humans (even if they look darn cute wearing a bowtie!).

This philosophy is carried throughout our daycare. If we truly believe your dog isn’t loving our company as much as we love theirs, we are committed to letting you know. We surround ourselves with knowledgeable, educated dog professionals who know the difference between positive and negative exhaustion!


Fairfield Manager – Liz

Liz has studied Animal Health and Disease and grew up with animals – currently she has a cat, rabbits and a chicken. More recently, she became a devoted parent to Darwin, the pointer.

She plays basketball and enjoys watching sports, especially AFL.

Liz is also proud to boast an ability to juggle!

Since beginning at Ka-Pooch, Liz has completed the Knowing Dogs Training Program.


Brunswick Manager – Nhu

Nhu has extensive experience working in Animal Environments. She instructs dog training classes, as well as volunteering with Forever Friends Animal Rescue as a case manager, Foster Carer and Dog Behaviour coordinator.

Her experience with dogs is cemented with knowledge gained from the NDTF and also holding a Bachelor of Animal Vet Bioscience.

She has a Tibetan Spaniel x names Rillie, a ginger cat named Pumpkin, 2 budgies and 1 canary.

jess image

Kew Manager – Jess

Jess worked for a dog daycare in Vancouver, Canada. After coming back to Australia, sje studied with RSPCA and started volunteering. She now spend my days with Ka-Poochersand says “I love it!”

When not hanging out with dogs, you’ll find Jess either exploring the outdoors or being a homebody with a cuppa and my many craft projects.

Jess has grown up surrounded by pets: “There’s nothing better than sharing your life with animals”.


Working with our furry friends every day is an incredibly rewarding job, so it should come as no surprise that roles at Ka-Pooch! are highly sought after. We pride ourselves on having the best people and a great vibe. We highly value previous experience in dog handling, as well as training such as NDTF.

If you’re interested in joining our human pack, please email through your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

We will be sure to get in touch if a suitable position does come up!

Please note that while we often get asked about providing work experience, unfortunately due to our insurance we are unable to accept any of these requests.

197 Albion St, Brunswick, Vic, 3056 Brunswick (03) 9384 0860 [email protected]


221 Grange Road Fairfield, Vic, 3078 Fairfield: (03) 9497 5308 [email protected]


710 High St, Kew East, VIC, 3102 Kew East 03 9859 5531 [email protected]


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