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The million dollar question.
Is my dog suitable for daycare?
Believe me, I wish we had a simple answer to this. Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’. Using the analogy of children, some are suited to large schools, some to smaller schools. Some may enjoy maths, while others enjoy art. Some may have a large circle of friends, some may have small, tightknit group. Believe it or not, dog’s aren’t too dissimilar. While dogs are innately ‘social’ beings, their version of ‘social paradise’ can vary considerably.
Far too many daycare assessments are simply measuring aggression. If your dog is submissive, and displays no signs of aggression, they will be accepted into daycare. But is this a true reflection on the needs of that particular dog? We think not. Assessing a dog for daycare should not merely be whether they pose a physical risk to others. Rather, it should be a measure of daycare to positively enhance their lives.
Owners can sometimes feel as though their dog has failed some sort of sociability test if they receive feedback that their dog is stressed, or overstimulated. Please do not feel disheartened! We regularly find dogs who aren’t loving the group play environment. We aren’t in the business of recommending continued daycare if we do not believe it to be beneficial. There are many other options out there that could better suit their needs. Shorter dog walks, obedience training or reduced hours at daycare are all options that may achieve the same objective, but in a way that suits their individual personality.
There are some generalizations we can make about a dog’s propensity to enjoy daycare. For example, younger dogs are more likely to enjoy it than older dogs. Having said that, we have some Senior Citizen socialites who love coming in and supervising the younger generation. Many a young pup attending 2 days per week will gradually reduce their frequency to once per week over the years.
Think of it as the Susan Cain principle applied to the dog world. Our dogs are all different, all unique beings with unique quirks. We will do everything we can to try and make sure your pooch loves daycare. But don’t worry if they don’t – they’re unique and wonderful in their own right!

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