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What is it you’re hoping to achieve from daycare?
This is an important question to ponder. Typically, it is one or more of the following:
• Socialisation
• Exercise
• Relieve boredom
So how do you know if this has been achieved? Often, our main measure of success is tiredness. An exhausted dog means they’ve had an awesome time, right? In our experience, the vast majority of dogs will be tired following daycare. The key difference though, is whether this is positive or negative exhaustion. It would make everything far easier if we could just ask if they’ve had a good day! This is where our trained staff and ethos step in. We try to be their voice, and interpret what they are telling us through their communication all day; body language.
There are some dog’s who just feel on edge with group play. They may spend a lot of their time hiding under furniture, or pacing the fence looking for an escape. On the other end of the spectrum you may see a dog who is so ridiculously excited that they remain overstimulated for the entire day. Though highly sociable, they can become boisterous and rough, unable to regulate their behaviour. Being in this hyper state all day will certainly result in a pooped pup – but not necessarily a happy, balanced experience for them.
It is natural for us to assess the day of daycare entirely on the physical component – it’s the part that’s most obvious to judge – but experts agree that mental stimulation and rest are just as important as physical stimulation. Mental stimulation builds confidence and self-control. It is critical in building polite, well socialized canine citizens.
Rejoice in the exhausted dog – and know we work our entire program is centered on ensuring we’re positively exhausting! We feel privileged and value the trust you put in us to be your pooch’s voice.
Cheers to positively pooped pup’s!

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Tail Waggin’ Fun since 2011!