Welcome to the pack!

We know you’ve got lots of questions about what to do and what happens from here; the answers below will give you a great idea about how our enrollment process works and what to expect from your first visit.


How do I enroll my dog?

Simply email or call us with your details and we’ll book your dog in for their temperament test day. When possible, we’d request that their first day is on Monday. We do this because it’s a lot quieter, which gives us more one on one time with the newbies and also gives nervous dogs a gentler introduction.


What happens on their first day? Do I need to be there?

We don’t require owners to be present during their first day, it’s better to see how your dog will cope without you! As soon as your dog comes in, we’ve begun to assess them. We’re paying attention to their body language to assess how comfortable they are, and how they might respond to other dogs. From there, we’ll begin the process of meeting the staff and integrating them with other dogs if we deem it suitable. Throughout the day, we’re noting the change in behaviour, their interactions with other dogs and how they are responding to the environment.


How old does our dog have to be/ do they need to be de-sexed?

We accept puppies from the time of their second vaccination (plus 10 days), and require all dogs over a year to be de-sexed.


What do I need to bring?

Please bring your dog along on a secure lead as well as an up to date vaccination certificate. You’ll also need to fill out our two enrolment forms which you can do when you arrive or click on the link below. For young pups, feel free to bring along some lunch- we’d ask all older dogs to be fed either before or after Daycare (with the exception of any specific health requirements)

Download Enrolment Form to Submit Online

Download Enrolment Form for Print

Please read our terms and conditions

You will be required to sign this on upon admission to the centre.


What happens at pickup time?

When you collect your pup at the end of the day, our team will give you very honest feedback about how they have enjoyed their time at day-care. All, except the most outgoing dogs, will usually require 2-3 visits before they fully relax. However we’re normally able to tell by the end of their trial day whether day-care is a good option for you and your pup. If you both love it- you’re welcome to book in on regular days or call us whenever you need a dose of Ka-Pooch!

We also have a cool new App to download that allows you to see upcoming bookings and even modify them yourself. You can also keep track of how many visits you have left on your multi-visit pass. Please note we need to assess your dog first, and set up their details before the app is accessible.

Download App Here

Contact us

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Fairfield: (03) 9497 5308


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Mon-Fri 7:00am to 6:30pm

Closed public holidays

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