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So you’ve pawed through our information and want to know where to sign up? We’re so excited you’ve decided to join our pack! Scoot on over to our contact form so you can submit a booking request, including your preferred trial day. From there, we’ll set you up in our system and get you to fill out the online enrolment questionnaire  before we book you and your pooch in for an assessment day. Welcome to the Ka-Pooch family!

It’s easy!

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Complete the onboarding steps at the end of the booking form

Step 3:

  • Receive confirmation for your trial day
  • Make sure you attend it and come join the family!

More questions? We have included the most commonly asked questions. Bark out if you have any more and we’d be happy to help!

We know all of the joys and anxieties that come with looking after our four-legged friends. So below are a few key questions we’d ask ourselves before leaving our dogs anywhere

At a minimum, a centre should require vaccination of all dogs, as well as regular flea and worming prevention.

Ka-Pooch Daycare Requirements:

  1. For puppies, second C5 vaccination (+10 days)
  2. Current C5 Vaccination (please note current titre testing accepted)
  3. Desexed if over 12 months
  4. Treated for fleas and worms

We all love paperwork, right? Actually, if there’s one time to celebrate excessive questions and screening, it’s now!

This shows that the centre is taking the time to understand your dog as an individual, and will be more likely to be able to provide the appropriate care. Newbies should be assessed for at least one day before being approved for ongoing daycare, to ensure they are given time to settle into the environment. Make sure you ask questions about what criteria is being evaluated.

We will save you the rigorous internal evaluation, but it does involve assessment of oodles of criteria which is then summarised into a digestible report card which you’ll be taken through at the end of the day. Daycare’s differ in their assessment goals. Some are assessing whether a dog poses a physical risk or not, and accept into daycare on this basis. We consider ourselves one of the stricter centres, and are assessing for enjoyment, not toleration.

Staff should be appropriately trained to read and understand canine body language. Being a dog owner is one thing, but in a professional sense employees must recognise stress signals and respond appropriately.They should also be First Aid Trained in the unlikely event that something happens.

We’re lucky to boast certified NDTF Graduates, Bachelor of Zoology Graduates & Veterinary Nurses among our talented crew. In addition, all staff are required to undergo regular First Aid Training, as well as extensive Industry specific training modules during their introduction.

In addition, staff to dog ratios should comply with the boarding code at a minimum. Having one person oversee too many dog at once isn’t a recipe for success!

Not all facilities are created equal. Looking ‘slick’ doesn’t necessarily equate to safety and hygiene.

Fences: There should be a way to group different sized and temperaments into smaller play groups. Fences to the outdoors should be 1.8m tall and there should be a minimum 2 gates between pup and escape at all times (as per the Code of Practice). Large plagroups can be overhelming and difficult to manage arousal levels.

Flooring: Should be impervious, washable and non-slip

Ventilation: Melbourne summers can get really hot! It is important that a facility has the ability to keep dog’s cool during a heatwave, particularly squishy faced breeds.

You’ll notice right away if there is a bad odour at a centre – slight doggy smells are to be expected, but any strong smells are a sign of poor hygiene.



We know you’re always on the go so we’ve developed a cool app to help you manage your bookings with Ka-Pooch! You can book your dog in to daycare, reschedule a booking or simply keep track of the bookings you have coming up. You can also keep track of how many visits you have left on your multi-pass.

Once your dog as been assessed and is ready for daycare their details will go into the app and you can download it from the app store.

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