Have a sticky beak through our viewing window and you’ll notice our 350sqm indoor section divided into 5 play pens. You’ll notice some boisterous big dogs rolling around with the friends at the back, some crazy pups chasing each other at the front and our relaxed gang occupying the plum furniture positions.

During the summer months, the outside section comes alive with palm trees and a custom built doggie pool- while indoors; our pups can chill in full air-conditioning.

Being only seconds from Darebin parklands also means that we’re able to get every dog out for daily half hour walks amongst the trees.

For a sneak peek at what it looks like inside at Ka-Pooch! Fairfield Google Virtual Tour


Morning Exercise

Once everyone’s in, our daily exercise begins. The daily on lead walk gives our pups a chance to get out, burn some more energy, bond with our team and be a proper dog by using their nose and brain. Once back, our pups are free to play with friends, relax on the furniture and steal a hug from our team members. The morning tunes are up tempo including African, Doo Wop and Zumba to keep the energy up.

Lunchtime to early afternoon

We use music to cycle through play and quiet times throughout the day. When it’s time to unwind in the afternoon, we will play soothing classical or ambient tunes. Having some time to relax and sleep is crucial for all pups’ wellbeing throughout the day.

Late Afternoon

When everyone’s got a second wind, we’ll get out our treat bags for treat time and spot training. Our dog toys and balls will make an appearance and every pup will get some quality one on one time before home time!
You can also catch all the action throughout the day with regular Facebook updates and relax knowing that your dog is having an awesome time with people you can trust.

Contact us

221 Grange Road Fairfield, Vic, 3078

Fairfield: (03) 9497 5308


197 Albion St, Brunswick, Vic, 3056

Brunswick (03) 9384 0860


Mon-Fri 7:00am to 6:30pm

Closed public holidays

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