Though Ka-Pooch! is certainly a fun place, our business is built on a serious sense of responsibility and a desire to set new standards in professionalism and service. Our centre is run by certified and experienced dog trainers who take great pride in being across the latest information in the field and who are continually striving to increase their knowledge.

We pride ourselves on reading and understanding dog behaviour not because it’s handy, but because it is essential to provide a safe and enjoyable Dog Daycare environment.  Below are a few key questions we’d ask before leaving our dog anywhere:


What is your training philosophy?

Our team use and encourage the Positive Theory of dog training which emphasises rewarding desirable behaviour instead of punishing undesirable behaviour.


How do you deal with undesirable behaviours (ie barking, humping, bullying?)

First and foremost, we try to understand why a dog is behaving in a particular way and address its needs. We ask questions like; is the dog in the wrong pen, are they overstimulated or are they ill? From there we come up with a solution which may include changing pens, having some quiet time or contacting the owner.


Are there any risks for my dog?

Daycare, like lots of activities, particularly those involving dogs running around carries some risk. We believe that our policies and standards are exceptional at mitigating those risks and are proud of our excellent health and safety record. In the unlikely event that anything should happen, our staff are First Aid trained.


Will my dog be suited to Daycare?

Day-care is a relatively new phenomenon for our k9 friends and suits the vast majority of dogs. However, it is certainly not suitable for every dog out there.

We obviously do not accept dogs that can pose any physical risk to another dog. Similarly, we will not recommend continued daycare for any dog displaying high levels of stress in the environment. Like people, not all situations are suitable for every person.

The most important thing is to provide honest feedback and discuss your dog’s suitability on a case-by-case basis. The well-being of all our dogs in care is paramount, and at the forefront of everything that we do.


Do you ban some breeds?

Ka-Pooch does not believe in blanket banning of breeds other than those listed in the Domestic Animals Act 1994 (Restricted breed dog). We believe that each dog is an individual and deserves to be assessed for suitability on its own terms. We apply a very high standard of assessing suitability for all breeds, but particularly large breeds.


How long have you been operating?

This is an important question to ask, as those who have been operating for a longer period of time have been tried and tested, and have refined their service over time. In a largely unregulated industry, it is important that you feel comfortable and trust that your pooch is in safe hands.


How do you separate the dogs?

We have many separate pens that divide the dogs into suitable playing groups. The groups are not necessarily determined only by size, but a combination of size, energy levels and overall temperament. Not all dogs will enjoy being surrounded by exuberant youngsters, and any play involving different sizes of dogs must be closely monitored at all times.


Is the temperature regulated?

This may seem like a silly question, but our summers in Melbourne can get quite hot! We are particularly cautious with brachycephalic breeds (squashed-face breeds!) as the heat can place undue pressure on their systems. We also ensure on warmer days that all dogs are walked in the morning prior to the temperature exceeding 28 degrees.


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